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Life is a song.
Love is the music.
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YES! Soul & disco is a dazzling vocal group from ‘s Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands.

The trio formed in 2016, quickly establishing themselves as fun-loving, entertaining artists with a passion for soul and disco music.

Yes! Soul & disco is inspired by Donna Summer, The Pointer Sisters, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Gloria Estefan, the Tower of Power and many, many more. With music that powered a generation it’s easy to say YES! to soul and disco.

Yes! Soul & disco is brought to you by Ankie, Pauline and Franki and powered by RockPodium.

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We say

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We say

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We say

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Say Yes! to disco

Lost in music

It's raining men

ABBA medley

I'm so excited

Blame it on the boogie

I've got the music in me

Turn the beat around



Say Yes! to soul

Don't let go love

Soul with a capital S



Donna Summer Medley

Faith (Stevie Wonder)

Never Ever


Say Yes! to cool tunes

Faith (George Michael)

Relight my fire


Oye mi canto

Be my forever

Walking on sunshine

A thousand years



Name: Pauline

Role in band: Mezzo, nightingale, melody maker, instigator of curly hair

Favourite song: Oye Mi Canto

Idol: George Michael

Hobbies: All things music related, whether it's listening, singing or dancing.

Least favourite thing: Cooking

Describe the voice: Complex, refined and pure with lots of character. Like a fine

red wine!


Name: Ankie
Role in band: Alto, bass, rhythmic controller, instigator of bling!
Favourite song: It's raining men
Idol: Donna Summer
Hobbies: Singing! Walking & having fun!
Least favourite thing: Fake and

dishonest people
Describe the voice: Low, warm, cosy like a big, fluffy blanket. Turn up the bass!





Name:  Franki

Role in band: Soprano, tenor, arranger, instigator of chaos

Favourite song: I got the music in me

Idol: Aretha Franklin

Hobbies: Wild-west horse riding & rollerblading. Not at the same time.

Least favourite thing: Fish! Ugh!

Describe the voice: Like an hourglass. All top and bottom and squeezed in the middle.


Get in Touch

Want to know more about the group? Want to book YES! for a performance? Then simply fill in the form below to get in touch. 

We speak English, Dutch and German so write it whichever way suits you best.

Management: RockPodium

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